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Who Benefits from the Sleep Out?

Informing the community is the primary responsibility of the Siouxland Sleep Out. Many other Iowa cities are following our example; we estimate 1,500 volunteers will spend 25,000 hours raising awareness this year. Funds raised here will be used to provide housing and recovery programs within Sioux City. Some of these programs are Henry Muller Hall, Shesler Hall, CSADV, Community Action Agency of Siouxland, and Gospel Mission:


One of the beneficiaries of the Siouxland Sleep Out, Henry Muller Hall offers transitional housing for men.Henry Muller Hall

The Mental Health Association of Siouxland organized the Sleep Out to fund this transitional housing for men with mental illness. Henry Muller Hall accepts tenants from the streets, hospitals, prisons and from settings not considered suitable housing. The ability to pay rent is not a requirement.

The prerequisite is a desire to move on to independent living. This means the men do not drink or use; they take any appropriate medication; they spend at least 25 hours a week in gainful activity.

The estimated transition period is six months to one year. If able, the residents pay rent for housing which is shared with three others.

Supportive services are provided by non-profit community agencies, usually at no cost. Any required healthcare needs are met. These supporters allow the resident to recover from homelessness.


Shesler HallShesler Hall

Shesler Hall allows previously homeless women the opportunity to live independently in a supportive, homey living environment. Life skills training give residents a chance to contribute and prepare for living on their own. Caring staff offers personal support for individual concerns.

The facility has been around for over 100 years and is a haven for women with special needs. There is room for 22 residents. Emergency space is available for women who would otherwise have no place to stay.

Shesler Hall promotes a program enhancing the whole person, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Staff is provided 24 hours a day.

Women are accepted into the residence on the basis of need. Many arrangements are made for the special needs of its residents through other community agencies.

Fees collected from the residents fall WAY short of operating costs. Proceeds from the Sleep Out are a big help.


Crossroads Shelter for Homeless Women and ChildrenCrossroads Shelter for Homeless Women & Children

The Crossroads Shelter for Homeless Women & Children provides counseling and support for homeless women who need more than 30 days provided at an emergency shelter to get back on their feet. Residents may stay up to two years as they work to become self-sufficient. The shelter serves homeless women and their children, age six and younger. In fiscal year 2015 Crossroads assisted:

 · 35 households.

· 51 women and children.


Welcome HomeWelcome Home

The Welcome Home Program is an innovative initiative that combines transitional housing and outreach services to house homeless families in Siouxland and help them obtain permanent housing. This program has a high rate of success of helping families move into permanent housing within 90 days. The program began in February 2011.

· We served 121 individuals in fiscal year 2016.

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